We’re on a mission to clear up the lies which have driven millions to spending their eternity separated from God almighty. These are the lies of satan, a fallen angel who in the days of Good and no evil, was known as Lucifer, a beautiful angel of God.  Once he became jealous of our Lord and envious of the man and woman who HE created, this fallen angel began an all out assault on humanity.  He worked to create diversions, false religions who sparked a tribe mentality and who would follow blindly. Islam was created as a diversion and it is so closely tied to Christianity but also so very far away, that it would surprise most of you.

We want to clear up the confusion and open the gates to allow all of our brothers and sisters to rest and remain in the presence of the Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father, praising them for all eternity!

Let’s face reality folks, in the west… in the United States, we aren’t going to allow Islam to take over the country.  We are a Christian nation and Islam is the opposite value system. We will resist Islam and if they become more violent, then your going to see heartland America locked and loaded and ready to eliminate the threat. Small numbers of radicals are making lots of noise and the media is giving these fools all of the attention, making it seem far bigger than it is.  Let me tell you this… Jesus is bigger than all of them!  They can’t win no matter what they do. Read the book of Revelation and you’ll learn how this whole thing ends.  I can tell you, it ends very poorly for the evil one.

Praise God, praise Jesus and thank you Holy Spirit for loving all of us so much, no matter how horrible a person we have become.  Forgiveness is available for everyone, you just need to ask for it.  Repent sincerely, ask Jesus to forgive your sins and never go back to them.  Follow Jesus, get a bible and begin to read it.  He will change your heart!

God bless you all in the Holy Name of Jesus!